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Angela Liu


An award-winning director/producer great at image storytelling and working with talent. Her films Iceberg 

and War Bride were released on LeTV with over 40 million views combined, and actualized sexual orientation and the struggles of PTSD.
Her goal is to tell unique stories through film and believes that filmmakers have the ability and responsibility to say something for those who don't have an outlet to speak out. She recently became a mother and redirected her career toward to voice over industry (Chinese Mandarin).

Yahel Dooley


A re-recording mixer and sound designer who's most notable works are sound design for feature films, The Endless, Resolution & Spring and for FOX Animation Domination's Golan the Insatiable, Axe Cop, and Major Lazer. A pro tools operator with a versatile skill-set that includes long and short-form television, feature film and trailer mixing in 5.1/7.1 surround.